High Quality Greek Rice

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Every grain of rice and every handful of pulses that we collect and distribute, is a carrier of our values. KANAKAS LTD, based in Halastra, Greece, the largest rice producing area of the country, is dedicated to selecting and exporting Greek rice and pulses of superior quality.

The KANAKAS products are appreciated today as some of the finest choices available. For their production, we work together with independent Greek producers, with a mission to spread the great Greek quality all around the world.

In all our practises we stay responsible towards producers and collaborators. What distinguishes us from competition is the know-how and our readiness and ability to answer to the differentiated needs of our clients at any given time.

The acquisition of Macedonian Rice Mills has boosted the company’s capacity for storage, processing and packing of rice. This great investment expresses our faith to the superior quality of the Greek agricultural production. The MR Mills are certified according to ISO 22000, ISO 9001 and ISO 14000.

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