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G3 foods is not just another Greek company offering excellent Greek food. It is a place housing the dreams and love for quality products of a group of young people from Evia Island who finally decided to turn their passion into vocation.

The values and passion of these young people is the yeast for the “recipe” called G3 foods. A “recipe” with a strong personality, just like Greek food at a Sunday table; with all the family gathered around.

The career paths of those people, common interests made them friends and their love for Greek food and olive oil led them to make a life-changing decision. To follow their heart and pursue their vision:

To send the unique products of their country and specifically form Evia throughout the world with uncompromising quality guaranteed by the best, for the consumer, combination of traditional production processes and modern supply chain management techniques. Because they believe that such a valuable legacy of a natural and healthy lifestyle needs to be known. To be learnt and discovered by other people. Everyone!

This is G3 foods. These are the people of G3 foods. Together with their partners, ready to proudly sign under what it is they provide. And they are backed by a millennia-old Greek dietary tradition!

Olive oil 



Extra virgin olive oil “Olive Myth Organic” starts from the organic cultivation of several specially chosen olive groves utilising environmentally-friendly techniques which replenish and maintain soil fertility. Without any fertilizers or chemicals, just making the best of everythingr beautiful, strong and healthy.

The sun, the breeze of the Aegean and the uniquely fertile soil of the Greek land has to offer.

Farmers will collect the precious fruit by hand at just the right time and will immediately turn it into this special olive oil in the local certified olive mills. Healthy, natural juice from two varieties, “Koroneiki” and “Athinolia“, the “Olive Myth Organic” is a unique combination of strong flavors, velvety texture and a unique aroma of freshly-cut fruit.

Low acidity, no pesticide residues, rich in beneficial polyphenols and valuable antioxidants, as proven by the slight bitterness left in one’s mouth. The “Olive Myth Organic” is your daily companion for a balanced, tasty and healthy diet.

Either raw or cooked, it will bring the best out of your salads as well as any other dish. The closest thing to nature and the famous Mediterranean diet you can possibly enjoy!


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We as G3 foods, named our extra virgin olive oil “Aeonion” (Greek for “Eternal”). It accompanies the history, culture and tradition of the Greek land through the ages. Always present at our table, our customs, our joys and sorrows; An eternal relationship with the perennial tree.

Is an authentic Greek extra virgin olive oil of a superior quality with low acidity and shining golden color, full-of-flavour and fruity aroma. The juice originates from ripe fruit gathered by hand, one-by-one and processed into olive oil through immediate cold pressing in order to keep its unique nutritional ingredients, strong and alive.

Each year we choose, using strict criteria, from Greece’s olive groves the best olive oil deserving to bear the name “Aeonion”. Use it in any dish, any salad or any marinade you create. It will bring delicious taste and health into your life!


honey myth

Pine Tree Honey

Pine tree honey is a type of forest honey made by bees that collect honeydew instead of flower nectar. Is a strongly – flavoured honey with high nutritional value.

Greek pine honey usually have great content of metals and minerals (calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, copper, etc.) and a large amount of different substances.

A honey with great taste, not so sweet due to the low concentration of sugars.

The colour of pine honey is typical but darker than the thyme honey and the crystallization of it is very slow, since the natural content of glucose is low.

Thyme Honey 

The Greek thyme honey is known worldwide for his excellent quality thanks to the air of sea and the fantastic Greek climate. It has a pleasant taste and unique aroma with a light amber colour.

Thyme honey is known for its tonic and antiseptic properties and is recommended for the prevention and fighting of infections of peptic and respiratory diseases. It is rich in copper and boron.This specific honey crystallises in 6-18 months.

Heather Honey

Heather Honey is a product with high nutritional value and is one of the best options for stimulating the body. Is usually reddish coloured with a caramel texture and stands out for its strong flavour and characteristic delicate aroma.

Due to high natural content of glucose, heather honey crystallizes very quickly (within about 1-3 months). Heather honey sours more easily than other types of honey because of its high content of moisture and high amounts of Saccharomyces.

Is considered to be a very nutritious honey, very tonic for human body which contains dozens of natural nutrients, vitamins, enzymes and amino acids.

Heather honey is among the elite of Greek honey varieties.

Fir Tree Honey

Unique taste and aroma, an excellent quality of raw honey. Honey from fir tree is a famous product with fantastic rich flavor with a thick texture and small concentration of sugar.It has a bright colour and very high content in minerals and trace elements. Rich in iron, potassium, magnesium. It helps to calm an upset stomach and intestinal problems .

This honey is not from the flowers but from a resin produced in the fir trunk grown at altitudes above 1,000 meters in completely virgin environment.The concentration of sugar is slightly smaller than the other honeys, but what distinguishes is that never crystallize, because of the low content of glucose below 30% , even after years.


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