Citrus was founded in 2008 as a multifaceted business venture whose main area of activity is the production of foods based on the renowned citrus fruits of Chios, an island in the eastern Aegean. Inspired by a history of systematic cultivation and commerce that dates back to the 14th century, Citrus aims at dynamically linking the past, present and future of citrus production in the area of Kambos with a model cottage industry. The fruit is used in high-quality products with significant nutritional properties, aimed at Greek and international markets.

The Citrus estate, a stunning expanse that dates from 1742, is also home to a museum dedicated to the area’s history and the prosperity it experienced thanks to its citrus farms, while tours are also organised so that visitors can learn about the fascinating past and exciting future of Kambos’s citrus tradition.

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Kambos is a special location, a vast citrus located on the eastern coast of the Aegean island of Chios, some 6 kilometres from the main town. Sweet-smelling citrus groves surrounded by high stone walls and beautiful historical mansions compose this unique community, which was developed on the outskirts of Chios Castle by the Genoese in the 14th century, when citrus trees were first introduced to the island.

Kambos initially produced silk but citrus fruit soon became the main source of wealth for the island’s renowned merchants. The development of a dynamic, home-grown commercial network in the late 19th century was founded on ties developed by local entrepreneurs in Europe, Asia and India.

The orchards that still remain active are watered using treadmill-operated wells once powered by animals but adapted to modern irrigation methods today. The area is also fortunate to have seen many of its mansions survive the ravages of time. One of these elegant estates is home to Citrus.

Kambos experienced a period of decline starting in the 1960s which led to the gradual abandonment of its orchards and mansions. A revival is under way and Kambos has been listed as a historical site by the Greek Ministry of Culture thanks to its enduring architectural and cultural charms.

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The Citrus farm is over 4 hectares in size, spread out over two holdings in the Kambos area of Chios. It mainly produces organic fruits, using traditional cultivation methods so that these can be utilised directly by our workshops for manufacturing of our citrus products.

Visitors to Citrus can try our fresh delights and marzipans, all made by hand in the traditional manner, but also purchase spoon sweets, marmalades and fondants scented with the citrus and other fresh fruits that are the basis of all our products.



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