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The Agricultural Winery Cooperative of Tirnavos founded in 1961 by farmers in the region of Tirnavos with the intention to ensure the development and production of their goods. The upward trend followed from then on to all areas of activity, highlights it in one of the best cooperatives in the country. The dynamic vinegrowing of the region of Tirnavos was expressed and supported in the products by the Winery Cooperative.

Several types of wines are produced, compressed grape juice, distilled liquid, ouzo and all these are grapes of the region of Tirnavos. The Agricultural Winery Cooperative of Tirnavos is certified with ISO 9001/2000 and in the vineyards of the members of the cooperation is implemented a system of integrated management according to AGRO 2.1-2.2.

History & Culture

The production of wines and spirits in Tirnavos constitutes the center of economic , social and cultural life of our place for centuries. The wine, tsipouro and ouzo produced here is considered a living monument of culture. An important part of this great history in recent years is the Agricultural Winery Cooperative of Tirnavos which since its foundation in 1961 and then, was marked out and developed the production and the tradition of the products of the vineyards of Tirnavos.


The winery of the Cooperation is a complex installation that cuts through several decades, the old department was built in 1961 with the very interesting and functional architecture of advanced wineries of that era. Since then a series of interventions and expansions transformed it into a large and modern winemaking facility.

In the area of the winery, all the equipment needed to produce quality wine are housed, which consists of machines for crashing the grapes, pneumatic presses, wine-makers, stainless steel refrigerated wine-stills, filters, coolers, etc. Underground areas offer the most proper conditions for aging wine in barrels, while the new above-ground warehouses are appropriately designed for the storage of our products. In new facilities the hi-tech bottling lines for all kinds of packaging and standardization are housed too.

In side the winery a department of production condensation and rectification of grape functions, which is indeed one of the two currently operating in Greece.

Oenological Laboratory

The “heart” of the productive process and the design of products hits in the enological laboratory of the Association. The scientific personnel supported by the modern of the laboratory and technical substructure direct, monitor and control the total output of all products. The continuous monitoring of the vines by an agronomist based on integrated management system which is applied and the well-equipped enological laboratory covers a wide range of tests and inspections, guarantee the safety and quality of grapes, wines and spirits.

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The harvest is the most important process of the year and plays a key role in the crop of the year for the cooperative, but also for farmers, vinegrowers. By monitoring the maturation of the vineyards from the enological segment the time of harvest is defined and the procedure of receiving grapes to ensure the best possible quality. For more than a month the winery is the focal point of the whole region, because the grape is the main agricultural product. The vinegrowers, members of the cooperative harvest their grapes and hand them over to the winery for processing. More than 10,000 tons were brought each year at prices that ensure the income of the members, but it is worth noting that these figures adjust the income in all the market of the grapes of the region of Tirnavos.


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