Olive oil. The liquid gold. The precious natural juice. Clear, pure, rich taste from just one drop...

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Keeping the tradition alive through generations.

Our olive oil is the outcome of many decades of experience and it is produced with respect to the consumer and the environment. Its original taste, from koroneiki variety, is essential in everyday nutritional needs as its uncompromising quality matches the demands of healthy cooking and gastronomic creations at once. Everyday use of extra virgin olive oil becomes a certified shield for human body.


Rich soil, natural drainage, calm winters, sunshine, enough airing in a pollution free environment. Everything is done as tradition requires and as today’s experts suggest.
With the guidance of the Institute of Agricultural Sciences of Greece and advices from Prof. Ricardo Gucci (University of Pisa) and V. Frantzolas (Olive oil Taster and Quality Consultant, M. Sc. Food Policy).


The harvest begins at fall when the olives are green, just before they turn purple. It is the time when all the aromas, the flavors and the nutrients are in their peak. The olives are hand picked one by one in order to get full protection and transferred immediately to the oil press in plastic boxes for the oil extraction.


The extra virginity of our olive oil is obtained by cold extraction when the olives are squeezed, crust and spunned in the centrifugation in just 30 minutes time thus keeping their flavors and maintaining their polyphenols and very low acidity.
The supreme quality of E-La-Won olive oil is secured by preserving the excellent condition of the fruit from the picking to final extraction of the juice. All the procedures are conformed to the suggestions of pioneer Prof. L. Sevrili (Perugia University).


Our extra virgin olive oil is kept in stainless tanks with the infusion of nitrogen to avoid oxidation and unwanted enzymes. Its attributes are the same as at the moment of its extraction.
Our standardized procedures compile with the ISO 22000 – 2005 specifications protecting the quality of the product up to the moment it is served on your table.
The bottle itself is simple and elegant in dark green color to protect the content from sunlight and heat.

Farming, Harvesting, Extraction, Standardization

Everything is held in the traditional way. We follow a simple and pure extraction procedure without artificial coherent in accordance to sustainability laws.

products golden miracle gold

E-LA-WON Luxury (Limited edition)

Homer’s “liquid gold” with flakes of edible gold.
Combines premium quality olive oil with edible gold flakes both with high antioxidant and anti-aging value.
Rich in oleocanthal, which protects the cardiovascular system. Extra virgin olive oil with edible gold flakes aims at fulfilling the desire of our customers to offer luxury innovative products.
Available as a 250ml single bottle and in luxury gift packaging.

E-LA-WON Premium

An extra virgin olive oil in exquisite packaging.
Nitrogen is induced in the head space of the bottles, so that the freshness of the olive juice is preserved along with the organoleptic and chemical characteristics.
Produced by a family olive farm in Peloponnese from famous olive variety “Koroneiki”. It has very low acidity and intense fruitiness combined with a strong peppery after taste.

E-LA-WON Green Fresh

Inspired by our history: a copy of the “inscription” of Linear B’ and the representation of the “Lion Gate”. Green Fresh early harvested olive oil contains high percentages of antioxidants and polyphenols.
ELAWON Green Fresh olive oil is produced by early harvested Koroneiki variety olives, while the olives are still green and unripe. It is characterized by its fresh green flavor and strong peppery aftertaste.

E-LA-WON Traditional

Extra Virgin Olive oil protected from sunlight in order to retain its freshness in an innovative design with tinplate packaging.
Extra virgin olive oil in tinplate can is made from the famous olive variety ‘’Koroneiki’’ and characterized by a light bitterness combined with a strong peppery aftertaste.
Daily Extra virgin olive oil in tinplate can is a perfect choice for everyday use thanks to its balanced bitterness and light peppery aftertaste combined with fruity flavor.

me-Li E-LA-WON Elixir of longevity and wellness

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me-Li Thyme honey

Thyme honey me-Li E-LA-WON originates in Peloponnese, the land of Mycenae, Taygetus and Mani.
Color: pale, amber color.
Aroma – Flavor: Light and pleasant taste, exceptional aroma of thyme and other herbs (savory – thymus, wild mint, oregano). It contains a large amount of pollen grains.
Nutritional value & other qualitative characteristics: Has revitalizing and antiseptic properties...
strong effect against germs,
anticancer properties: combats especially breast cancer, blocks the proliferation of cancerous cells in the prostate or the uterus aria, according to the research by National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and University of Ioannina.
Crystallization: Thyme honey is crystallized in 6-18 months.
Calorific value: 15gr of thyme honey contain 52 calories.
Main ingredients: Glucose, fructose, sucrose, proline, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, iron, copper.

me-Li Orange Blossom Honey

The orange tree is considered to be a spring of nectar. The orange blossom honey entails the aromas and the flavors of the Peloponnese orchards, from Asteri, Lakonia.
Color: Light, bright yellow-orange.
Aroma – Flavor: Intense, vivid aroma of blossoms, very sweet aftertaste of honeycomb.
Nutritional value & other qualitative characteristics:
diminishes the anxiety,
with antioxidant properties,
accommodates the iron absorption
remedy the anemia, the migraine and the gastritis.
Crystallization: Orange blossom honey is crystallized very quickly, in 2-3 months.
Calorific value: 15gr of orange blossom honey contain 49 calories.
Main ingredients:
contains lots of micronutrients and amino acids
very rich in zinc

me-Li Chestnut Honey

Nectar and chestnut honeydews are condensed into a jar. Chestnut honey originates in Taygetus and Parnonas (Kosmas), the sacred mountain of Saturn which is replete with fir and chestnut herbs. However it is not renown to many people.
Color: Various shades of brown, from light brown to dark or even black, since it is made of honeydews.
Aroma – Flavor: Vivid aroma. Unique, intense flavor with bitter and sharp aftertaste.
Nutritional value & other qualitative characteristics:
with antibiotic proprieties against staphylococcus, intestinal and stomach bacteria
with disinfectant and healing proprieties, beneficial for the urinary system.
steps up the circulation and could help in some cases of dysentery.
boosts the mental activity
beneficial during pregnancy
Crystallization: Chestnut honey is crystallized slowly, in 1-2 years.
Calorific value: 15gr of chestnut honey contain 53 calories.
Main ingredients: Rich in micronutrients and amino acids, potassium, magnesium, manganese, barium, fructose and tannins (due to the nut tree). Contains lots of minerals.

me-Li Fir Honey


Greece into the jars of E-LA-WON

The ultimate tasting experience!

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E-LA-WON Sundried Tomato Pesto

...with mastic, basil and honey me-Li E-LA-WON, made with fresh
authentic ingredients of Greek nature. Enjoy this velvety taste with a bruschetta appetizer, Greek dakos or even pasta.

E-LA-WON Parsley Pesto

...tender parsley leaves with grated garlic and capers accompanied by E-LA-WON virgin olive oil which preserves freshness and aroma.
Unique strong taste and refreshing scent accompanies this everyday pleasure.



Silver Award Aristoleo 2017 for E-LA-WON EVOO
Silver Olymp Awards 2016 for Packaging E-LA-WON Gold
Bronze Olympic Awards for Packaging E-LA-WON Gold 2016
Bronze Olymp Awards 2016 for Taste E-LA-WON EVOO
Silver Diploma for Best Producer Collaboration 2016
GOLD Standard of Excellence 2016 E-LA-WON EVOO
Top 20 Products 2016 E-LA-WON Gold
Top 20 Products 2016 E-LA-WON Green Fresh
Start-up production excellence award
Great Taste Award 2016
Gold Medal TERRAOLIVO 2016
Silver medal in the International extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) competition in TOKYO, JAPAN (April 2015) for its taste and organoleptic characteristics.
Gold medal (Aristion) for packaging design in the International extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) competition 7th Eleotechnia held in ATHENS, GREECE (May 2015)



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