Slow cooked lamb pamporis


Dimitris Pamporis is an acclaimed and multitalented Greek Chef. He counts numerous awards and distinctions in cooking and is dedicated in promoting Greek gastronomy and its products in the form of “haute cuisine”.
Today he is the executive Chef of Ekies All Senses Resort in Chalkidiki, Greece.
A 5 star hotel with two exquisite awarded restaurants: “Treehouse restaurant” & “Greek Cuisine Bubo Fine Greek Dinning Restaurant”.
He has also a parallel career in teaching as a cooking professor in the capital of Northern Greece, Thessaloniki.
Executive Chef Dimitris Pamporis suggests a more sophisticated version of slow cooked lamb, a real favorite of the Greek cuisine.

Slow cooked lamb with smoked aubergines purée, tomato jelly, Greek yoghurt & roast sauce

300gr lamb
Fresh butter

Seal the lamb inside a vacuum bag with butter and rosemary. Put it in sous vide at 65 ̊C for 12hrs.

Ingredients for the smoked aubergines purée
500gr aubergines
50gr olive oil
10gr white vinegar
10gr garlic
20gr milk cream
Salt – Pepper
Xanthan gum

Grill the aubergines till brown. When they are cooked remove the skin and put them in a thermomix. Add all the other ingredients and work the thermomix in high speed, until it becomes a smooth purée. Place the purée through a strainer to become even smoother.
Ingredients for yoghurt foam
500gr Greek yoghurt
200gr milk
200gr milk cream
Salt – Pepper
20gr Proespuma cold

Mix all the ingredients and add proespuma cold in the fridge.
Leave the mixture inside the fridge for 3hrs. Then put the mixture in a siphon and arm with 2 compressed air ampoules.

Ingredients for gravy sauce
2 kg lamb bones
500gr onion
200gr carrots
200gr celery
2 sticks thyme
1 lt red wine

Roast the bones in the oven until they become red. Sauté the vegetables in a pot. Add the roasted bones and the red wine. Add water and slowly cook for 3 hrs. Put the mix through a strainer. Add the spices.

Ingredients for tomato jelly
100gr onion
50gr tomato paste
300gr fresh graded tomato
30gr olive oil
Salt – Pepper
100gr red wine
Cinnamon – clove –allspice
4gr agar-agar
5gr gelatin

Sauté the onion in a pot. Add the tomato paste and the red wine. Add fresh tomato, water and spices. Cook for 30min and then put the mix through a strainer. Let the mix cool. Add agar-agar, gelatin and put the casserole back on fire until the mixture boils. Put the mixture in the fridge. After it cools you can cut it in any shape you want.