"Amygdalota" Sweets 

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Amygdalota (sweets made with almonds) are traditional in many islands, the amygdalota of Mykonos have a difference they are baked and not raw, as in other places. 


1 kilo blanched almonds

¬Ĺ kilo sugar

5 eggs


fine flour  

fine sugar 


Grind up the almonds in a fine mill together with the sugar, the five eggs and the rosewater until the dough turns soft. Take a piece of wax paper, put butter all around and place on a cookie sheet. Place spoonfuls of the mixture on the wax paper in the shape of a small pear and put one almond (two halves) in the centre. Bake the amygdalota sweets at 200oC, until they turn brown. Let them out of the oven for a while, then remove them carefully and let them cool. Then dip them in rose water and springle with fine sugar.

Keep the amydgalota in a well closed box so that they do not dry out

The recipe is from gourmed.gr