Tasting authentic greek recipes!

It all began on December 24, 2016, when Kyriakos Melas and his wife Yiouli opened Grecian Grill Restaurant in Dubai Marina promenade, UAE. The name “Grecian Grill” was derived from their vision and goal which was to own not just a Greek restaurant, but a place where everyone, of all nationalities & ages, could come and taste authentic Hellenic (Greek) dishes and “psita” (grilled dishes) in an ambient and heartwarming Greek surrounding.


Kyriakos, how did you decide to open a Greek restaurant?

Five years ago we moved to Dubai. The idea to open a restaurant has been with me since my early childhood, and thus becoming a lifelong passion and dream. Growing up in the restaurant business with a Chef for a father, I spent many hours observing and tasting his creations which helped infuse the passion and dream, to open my own restaurant one day.

Can you tell us more about Grecian Grill Restaurant?

The location of Grecian Grill was chosen from the first second we saw it. Positioned on the beautiful Dubai Marina promenade which immediately filled us with a tranquil feeling. Our main goal was to open a restaurant that would make every guest feel at home and offer them a taste of authentic Greek food. We accomplish this by using authentic products for our dishes, which are cooked by our Greek Executive Chef Antonis Melas and his Greek team.

Our number one priority and vision is to promote and share our passion for authentic Greek cuisine, even if they are trying Greek food for the the first time!

What are some of Grecian Grills main attractions?

We like to brag about our rotisserie & grilled items, especially about our full lamb rotisserie, and our grilled lamb chops. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and to ensure this, my wife and I dedicate lots of time in the restaurant to welcome our guests and show them true Greek hospitality. All our products served are handmade and prepared on premises. Our portions are nicely sized and fit for a true food lover, adding to the experience a true “Grecian” experience. Based on our guest’s comments and reviews, Grecian Grill has succeeded in what it set out to do.