At an environment characterized by a discreet luxury, the fresh materials are converted by the chef Dusia Vaios in plate of the classic Greek cuisine enriched with modern touches. Handmade pasta, juicy “rib eye” and “black cod”, fresh seafood and fish, salads are few of the culinary creations of the menu. A menu that manages to combine harmoniously, spices, vegetables, fruits and products of the Greek land. The equally excellent wine list offers a wide variety of quality labels, accompanying each dish and the restaurant mixologist creates for you cocktails that are the perfect finishing touch to an excellent dinner.

In Kalita restaurant you will relax, you can try recipes that will thrill your palate and you will experience a complete special dining experience in a modern, warm, friendly and above all hospitable environment. Passion for good food, respect for the customer, authentic Greek hospitality is the philosophy on which the restaurant's creators have relied and are able to contribute into shaping the culinary scene of the island.

All the plates from the new menu of the restaurant will thrill you not only for their delicious taste and for the outstanding presentation.

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In the efflorescent garden of Fresh Hotel, in the heart of Chora, Kalita restaurant invites you to taste a unique world of flavors and aromas.