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Greece has dominated ‘Europe’s Top 10 Islands’ category at this year’s Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards, with Santorini taking first place, Crete ranking fourth, Paros in fifth place and Rhodes came in at number six.

Travel + Leisure (T+L) is a travel magazine based in New York City, and is known as one of the world’s most influential travel brands. Every year T+L holds their World’s Best Awards survey, asking millions of readers worldwide to weigh in on travel experiences around the globe- sharing their opinions on the top cities, islands, cruise ships, spas, airlines, and more.

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In the category of ‘Europe’s Top 10 Islands’, readers rated islands according to their activities and sights, natural attractions and beaches, food, friendliness, and overall value.

“Rhodes and the Dodecanese, Páros, and Crete are all places where you can choose your own adventure: ruins or lazy basking in the sun, with a spectacular meal of fresh fish at the end of the day regardless. But Santorini is another animal altogether, which is why it’s claimed the number one spot in this category an astounding 14 times. Sunset hero shots may have become a cliché on Instagram—and here, as everyone gathers in the cobblestoned town of Oía just before evening falls, you can see why. Hotels built into the steep cliffs offer views out over the sea that are so captivating, there’s no reason to leave your suite and its private plunge pool until dinnertime,” says the publication.




Greece over Summer is pure magic and for anyone lucky enough to have experienced some time here over the months of June, July and August, would surely agree that every day in Greece over the warmer months feels like a non-stop celebration of life, love, food, sea, sun and good times! The list is surely endless but we have put together a few reasons why we believe Summer in Greece is always a good idea!


Mediterranean climate

When you experience the glory of a Greek summer chances are you will a) never want to leave b) want to return asap and c) leave with the impression that Greece is a tropical paradise all year round. This is because you can basically count on every day bringing with it endless sunshine- as over the months of June, July and August there is minimum rainfall and the water temperature is ideal- placing Greece on top of the list as a perfect summer getaway.



A taste of paradise

Your palate will believe it has arrived to paradise with Greek summer produce overflowing in your mouth- from local flavours and delicacies including Xorta (wild greens), Syka (figs), Gigantes (legumes), Xoriatiki Salata (Greek salad using the freshest tomatoes and cucumbers), Greek cheeses, homemade bread, extra virgin olive oil, fresh fish, meats and seafood straight from the ocean. Every region in Greece has their own renowned recipes and dishes, which will leave you yearning for more. Whether you are in a remote village in the Peloponnese tasting your thia’s (aunt’s) moussaka she made using home grown potatoes, zucchinis and eggplant, on the buzzing island of Mykonos grabbing a souvlaki pita at 4am on your way back to your hotel room, or in Athens sharing an array of mezedakia (appetizers) with your friends at a local taverna in Gazi, chances are you will be overwhelmed with the simple but mouthwatering tastes Greece has to offer.



Best beaches in the world

There is a good reason as to why Greece’s beaches are always ranked as some of the best in the world. Firstly, let’s face it, the Aegean water is second to none and it doesn’t matter what part of Greece you are visiting, chances are there is a beautiful beach nearby with crystal blue water awaiting you. And whether you are after a family friendly beach, a great place to scuba dive, jet ski, or just sit back and relax, you will find one that is perfect for you. Secondly, where else can you sit back on a sunbed and order a Frappe, cocktail or any beverage of your choice, while listening to cool sounds and taking in the beautiful Mediterranean views? Thirdly, nightlife and summer go hand in hand and here you have the opportunity to go straight from beach to a bar and chances are at some point over your holiday, you may go from bar straight back to the beach for a morning swim- summer in Greece is after all a 24 hour party!

Outdoor fun day and night

From outdoor cinemas, concerts, Paniyiria (festivals) and fairs, summer in Greece is filled with so many cultural activities that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. If you are lucky enough to be there on a Saints Day fair, you can experience the locals serving you homemade food and wine and you will also enjoy music and dancing of that region. This is the time where Greeks get a chance to show you how they celebrate life and are more hospitable than ever, as they welcome everyone with open arms and hearts. Summer really does give you the chance to see how much Greeks love family, friends, food and creating unforgettable memories that will remain with you forever!



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Prestigious and popular American magazine Travel & Leisure (T + L) has placed the repeatedly awarded Egremni beach in Lefkada at the top of their list of “13 Places Where you Can See the Bluest Waters in the World.” This stunning and remote beach is located on the south- western coast of the Ionian island.

Travel & Leisure took in to consideration the best lakes, seas, beaches and bays in the world and according to the publication, it is difficult to find a spot on Lefkada Island that does not have spectacular views of the crystal clear Ionian Sea, but Egremni beach they say is “particularly stunning”.

“It’s hard to find a spot on Lefkada Island that doesn’t have spectacular views of the crystal clear Ionian Sea, but Egremnoi (or Egremni) beach on the west coast is particularly stunning. The beach requires a steep hike down some ersatz stairs, which thins the crowds, but once you’ve made the descent, the white sand stands in stark contrast to the turquoise water making it ideal for spending the day relaxing in the sun.”



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Greece has ranked as one of the Top 5 food destinations worldwide, coming in fourth on the list according to a survey by travellers around the world at, a global online booking agency for hotels and other accommodation facilities.

Hong Kong ranked first, followed by Sao Paulo and Tokyo.

According to, three quarters of global travellers say they would likely travel somewhere renowned for its great food and drink when choosing their next travel destination, making culinary travel a trend.

Among the over 120 million traveller reviews on, food stands out as a reason to visit a certain country and almost one in 10 people have travelled to enjoy fine dining in the last year, while seven percent to try some fine wine.

Millennials are most interested in eating their way around a country while holidaying, with one in 10 combining their love of street food with travelling, compared to only four percent of travellers aged over 55. Furthermore, 79 percent of travellers between the ages of 18 and 34 consider travelling somewhere that’s specifically known for its gastronomic delights.



With a primary aim of promoting Rhodes as a four season tourist destination, as well as the flow of high income travelers from the Emirates to Rhodes, the Municipality of Rhodes plans, in cooperation with "Ellines in Emirates ", Two major actions in the United Arab Emirates. Deputy Tourism Mayor Ms. Mariza Chatzilazarou met yesterday with Ellines in Emirates' publisher, George Giannakis, at the offices of the Tourism Directorate of the Municipality of Rhodes, in order to discuss in detail the specific actions.

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It is worth noting that the Greek community in the United Arab Emirates has 10,000 people, entrepreneurs, business executives, academics and doctors.

The two important actions of the Municipality of Rhodes, through the Tourism Directorate, aiming at enhancing and improving the tourism of Rhodes, are:

An integrated tribute in the Explore Greece by Ellines in Emirates magazine, which will showcase the natural beauties, the gastronomic tradition and the history of the island along with rich photographic material. Alternative forms of tourism such as gastronomic and cultural tourism will be mentioned referring to museums and archaeological sites so that the Municipality of Rhodes is not only a summer destination but a tourist option all year round.

The participation of the Municipality of Rhodes in the 1st Ellines in the Emirates Greek Travel Forum "Filoxenia" to be held on 27 November 2017 in Dubai. The aim is the flow of high-income travelers from the Emirates to Rhodes, following the great interest that has developed and continues to be maximized in recent years from the Emirates region to Greece as a tourist destination.