We would like you to tell us a few words about the presence of ZOIS products on the market of the Emirates
Zois fine food was established in 2014 with the objective of sourcing and delivering the finest products from Greece to customers in Dubai and UAE.
We nurture every kind of gourmet delight, never straying from our mission to create new taste experiences.
Zois fine food brings the best and freshest tastes to Dubai which includes a vast selection of exquisite products from the finest olive oil, cheese, honey, olives to a range of traditional gourmet home made products like pasta, jams, sauces, vinegar etc. Recently a new range was introduced to the customers, with bio organic products, gluten free and superfoods, as well as, more gourmet food like Greek Bottarga.

What is the uniqueness of your products and their competitive advantage to other food products globally?
Exclusively Greek products form small producers throughout Greece. Our products are hand- made using Greek traditional recipes, with pure ingredients that are coming from the rich biodiversity of Greek Nature. We make sure that quality controls are kept in all production stages. All of our products contain less sugar, salt, preservatives and artificial coloring comparing to the mass- marketed food and this means healthy food. This is a unique advantage that differentiates our products from anything else available in the market.

How aware is the public about healthy eating habits and what is your contribution towards this direction?
It is a bet that we have to earn. We all know that Dubai is a multicultural place with different nutritional habits and taste buds. Some people are very aware about healthy eating and some need to be made aware. There is a massive demand for healthy, organic food the last year and I am very proud that Zois fine food has a wide range of these products to offer, as I feel overwhelmed when people from other Nationalities express their appreciation to our range of products.

How and where can we buy your products?
Our products are available via on line shop. We deliver with our own fleet of vehicles all over Dubai on the very same day and across UAE on selected days. Also the products are available in our kiosk in Springs Town Center and very soon our perspective customers will find all the range of our products in Al Barsha Mall (Dubai) in our first Greek deli and coffee shop in UAE.

What is the importance and meaning of this project for you?
Being a mother of twins and entrepreneur in such a globalized market, like Dubai with all the differences in culture and language barrier is challenging. It took me almost three years of personal work to reach to this point that I am today. Of course I have a lot of support especially from George (my husband) and the unbeatable and very positive work team. I feel blessed for whatever I have succeed and lucky for the people surround me who believe in me and in my vision.
We live at an era where ethical values have been shaken; the modern life style has separated us from the traditional way of living. Fast, processed food has replaced the home made cooking. We need to reconnect with our roots, to remember our past, to taste again the pure, delicious food that our mothers and grandmothers- no matter to what nationality you belong- were offering to us. Greek Nature has a lot to offer regarding food products. Greece has also proven through the years that a healthy body and mind are related to a healthy nutrition. I want all the Nationalities to learn about the Greek cuisine, our customs, our history, our traditions and the generosity of our people. This is my mission and Dubai is the best place to begin.

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