Working for Facebook is one of the best moments in my life. Facebook mission is to make the world more open and connected. And I have the privilege to experience this every single moment.
My role covers Middle East North Africa and Pakistan, and I have the chance to travel around all these exciting countries and “learn again” how to run business. Not to mention that I can play it “cool” to my kids.
Best thing for me: being a Facebooker equals being a global citizen

How helpful was the work proposal from Facebook in the improvement of your life?
Leaving Greece was a decision we had taken as a family a few years before we actually left, in year 2012
Middle East was not one of the strong alternatives, but when finally the proposal was made to my husband, we said yes in 5 min.
Key factor in our decision, was that we would all leave together. Meaning I left my job that I loved ( I was working as the Digital MD for OMD Hellas), and our kids would move to Dubai and join an American school (and build their social life from the beginning).
Beginning was not easy. I had to look for a new job and adjust to the ME culture, when kids had to redefine themselves in many ways
We moved on very quickly and decisively, having always in mind that our decision was a good one and we had to make it work in our own terms
And in fact we made it!. Key elements. Family & Love., Preservation and openmindness.

What do you think of the situation in Greece today and what would you recommend the new generation who constantly search for a way out to leave the country, and come to the Emirates particularly, where we see a large influx of Greek?
Greece is always my roots, my DNA, my definition. And I proudly carry my “Greekness” every single moment.
But we also made Dubai our home now, and we try to feel as a living part of this country

A day in you life?
Like everyone’s life... Waking up at 6.15 (I hate it), getting ready, driving kids to school (precious time for some small talk), be at the office around 8.00, working crazily for 10-12h, arriving home around 8.30, having dinner with all family and a couple of glasses of wine with my husband talking about everything and nothing.
Areas of Passion: except for my family, I am passionate with inspiring and empowering young women to live a life and build a career they love
We have a daughter and a son, and they have been my “always on” inspiration.

New Generation?
I wish I had taken the step to go out of my country and live in different countries, at an earlier stage
Living and working in different countries, cultures, social communities, helps you rejuvenate your mind and keep your self always open and positive to change
It also helps you appreciate your home country and roots for all the right reasons that matter to you
Middle East is not more difficult than other countries, to live. I would say it is easier as long as you set your demands and objectives in the right perspective.
Middle East doesn’t mean more money. It means, multinational, emerging markets, an amalgam of cultures -business models-social ecosystems, fast and slow pace.