Mr. Dimitris Stamoulakis graduated with a Bachelor Degree of International and European Studies from Panteion University of Social and Political Studies in Athens and then got an MBA in Marketing and International Business from Pace University in New York. Afterwards he spent one year as a research and teaching fellow at Baruch College, City University of New York. He is a Member of BGS, Honor Business Society, and ODE, Honor Society of Economics.

In early 2010 he started working for TYRAS Group SA and he was sent as an expatriate to the new subsidiary of the company in New York, USA, where he spent the next 3 years of his life. In 2014 he started working with the leading export company, Septona SA.

But the dream in the eyes of Dimitri was to create his own company with main focus and orientation the sales outside Greece. He had a long time before realized that Exports have become for Greek companies the "key" to ensure sustainability, growth and profitability. The right choice of markets - targets is for businesses and their executives, the first "headache." USA or China? Russia or the United Arab Emirates? Japan or Germany? By what criteria should they choose the destination countries? How important is the knowledge of each market and the culture of each country for the selection of branding? How do companies ensure that they are going to get paid by their international customers?/p>

All the above questions were in the minds of a lot of small and medium-sized Greek companies and Dimitris with his company World Emporio and its network of associates, specialized export and marketing consultants, tried to answer these questions and promote the Greek products to the most attractive foreign markets, offering services such as: Export Marketing and Consulting, Representation to International Trade Shows, Pursuit of the best and most appropriate export sales partners, World Market Research, Certifications (Bio- Kosher-Halal- ISO), Shipping Worldwide, Strategic Planning and Communication, Analysis of Opportunities and Needs, Branding and Identity Creation, and Marketing Research.

In a few words Dimitris, with the help of his associates, created a one-stop shop, where a company could build itself up to become ready to export its products, to export its products, and of course to develop its presence in every market.

Soon World Emporio expanded with partnerships such as Bingo-Tottis, Green Cola, Karayiannis Dairy, Threpsi, Vivartia Group, etc, and opened offices in Germany and the USA. Currently the company carries more than 700 SKUs, both food and non-food, and has an export activity in several countries: USA, Canada, Morocco, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Sweden, Uganda, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Sri-Lanka, and China. The next goal for World Emporio is the market of Middle East, with its eyes in the product categories the company already carries, but also identifying gaps in the market.