Stelios Damianelis is the Director of Procurment for 4 business units of the InterContinental Hotels Group in Dubai Festival City

His career in hospitality started 9 years ago in his homeland, Greece, where he has taken up an internship in the world renowned Sani Resort in Chalcidice. Stelios has swiftly risen through the ranks until he decided to pursue his childhood dream of living abroad. “What better place than Dubai, the Mecca of Hospitality” he thought and decided to relocate in January 2013. His professional life in Dubai has been built around his core values, his “Greek side of life” as he said with a smile. “Ethos”, for his credibility and trust, “logos” for his rational and logical approach to challenges and “pathos” for his imaginative and enthusiastic nature.
Following an uphill -but rewarding journey- for 2 years, he has been promoted twice in quick succession, receiving accolades along the way such as his shortlisting for the Hotelier Middle East awards where he was selected among the 5 industry professionals that are making their mark on their field.
His specialty is conducting large scale tenders, in a transparent manner that is respectful to all business partners, whilst negotiating the best possible outcome for his company. Stelios has a proven track record of cost savings that exceeds AED 15 million over the past 2 years.