Living in emerging "land of opportunity"

Dr. Marios Panagiotis Efthymiopoulos, Assistant Professor of Strategy and Security American University in the Emirates

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), with its capital Abu Dhabi, its 7 Emirates and cities such as Dubai of Sharjah, Ajman and Fujeirah among others, is mostly known to all ecumenical Greeks, for its high standards of living. The UAE, aspires us. It also aspires our future generations: To lead and to envision a bright future through a constant exchange of culture, heritage and civilizations.
The UAE is an emerging “land of opportunity”, an emerging world, full of innovative ideas and suggestions, which are constantly put to the test, and from which lessons are learned, in a globalized and multicultural environment, located in the South-East Arab Peninsula.

The UAE is a new state, which will celebrate its completed 43 years of unification. Knowing for its ultramodern architectural design, is complete and constantly updating its modern infrastructure and provides high level services to all residents and tourists. The UAE is an innovative engineered country at all levels sociopolitical, economic, infrastructural; All in all strategically oriented to long-term success. Its local population, Emirati nationals, are through a standing experience, bright people, polite, honorable and honest, among all other important and positive attributes; we have much to share, learn and discover between us. We share plenty: In history, culture, civilization and traditions, among others.
The UAE is a cross-road of civilizations. Yet it is also a land of opportunity. A new world for all of us, expatriates that have reallocated here, to offer our services and our expertise and to help and support the UAE, for which we are all proud of.
The UAE is a hub of civilizations. The Emirati culture and civilization is unique. For which we share many common values, ethics and norms. We as Hellenes, have much to share with our Emirati friends. We have plenty to discuss and plenty to work with, to make sure that our global heritage, culture and civilization that we offer both sides, is not only sustained, but also promoted and constantly exchanged.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is envisioned through its founder Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al Nahayan, whose dedication among others is also to preserve architectural and living heritage. The UAE’s strategic vision today in its global form is to promote UAE’s heritage and culture. And therefore as Hellenes with thousand years of global heritage and offer, we should be open for new opportunities that are now lying ahead of us. We could as Hellenes in accordance with both government entities and opportunities enhanced, to boost between the UAE and the Hellenic Republic effective cooperation. To train and teach, exchange information and enhance cooperation agreements at all possible levels with the UAE. We are all ‘ambassadors’ through our own every day work and life in the UAE. We can do and offer plenty to the UAE and the UAE to our homeland and society. Our Museums and cultural centers among others, should be open to Emirati Culture. At the same time we should promote our joined and common attributions to the world heritage in a global country like the UAE.

Through the opportunity, that has been offered, to educate, train and exchange information with my students, mostly of which comprise of National Emirati students, I lean on learning plenty from Emirati history, culture and heritage. I am constantly taught of new elements of Emirati and Arab Culture, for which I am proud and thankful for. And I deliver the very best in my human capacity to create leaders, for which the leadership of the UAE expects us to for the best future of the UAE.

Philosophy, Mathematics, Geometry, Astronomy, Strategy, Physics, biology, Medicine, technology, and trade among others, are some of our Hellenism contribution to our global society and therefore we should as much as possible offer our services to the UAE. It give me great pleasure and honor to be among the Emirati society. It is my duty but also my life’s work to offer to as much as I possibly can to our students, to open the knowledge and awareness on how to lead, innovate and decide for their country’s faith for the future generations to come always in accordance to the decisions of the UAE visionary leaders.
I am proud to be part of the UAE society and culture. I look forward to continue offering my services through whatconstitutes the most important aspect of success: Education, Knowledge, Innovation and Research.