Executive Chef at Majestic Hotel & Nola Eatery and Social House

Chef Nikolas was born in 1978, in Patras, a small city of Southern Greece. Restless as a kid, he liked watching the ships set sail. Since then he had the dream to travel the world tasting and getting to know flavors from different and distant places. Still restless he managed to make his dream come true, sometimes on fancy cruise ships, other times in the palace of the King of Saudi Arabia, then in Europe and the Americas.
During the last 4 years he settled in Dubai as Executive Chef of Majestic Hotel Tower, along with his wife and his 4-year old daughter.

When I asked him how he finds his life in the Middle East he laughed and replied: “I still have not managed to become unhappy despite the many opportunities given!”
He enjoys parachuting, fishing, he values friendship more than anything and he respects all the Chefs he worked with. As per him, he learned something from each and every one, most important of which is his golden rule: “You need to become a good person first, if you want to become a good Chef”!