"A personal story"

Over the last 30 years I managed to increase my weight by 55 kilos. Shocking??? Yes I continually carried another person my shoulders. I assure you it was easy and most enjoyable. Dinners, taverns, friends and family gatherings associated with lack of exercise/movement, provided the ideal environment for the slowly but steadily, addition of few kilos, at a time, that remained. I did try losing them, or I least I think I was trying!!!! Yes I did try almost everything, but after few weeks or a couple of months I would not only regain what I had lost but also “top up” few more.
And life “was ticking along” I was concentrated on my professional life more than everything else, being lucky to have an amazing person leaving with me, putting up with me.
About 7 years ago moved to the UAE, which involved, as you may image, branches, lunches, business dinners, friends visiting more lunches, dinners and so forth. I did try unsuccessfully to lose the excess, once more 4 years ago. The wakeup call, came one afternoon, whilst watching TV I felt a chest pain and rushed to the near hospital, to find out that it was nothing, most probably a muscle pain. All was fine, but all my blood tests results were outside the limits. All of them!!!!
So I decided to try again, which lasted for a month, after which I went back to my old eating routine, which involved complete lack of movement and large amounts of food intake.
Few months after my company organized a family gathering, which involved an 1.5k race, after which I was tired and next day I wasn’t able to move, get up from bed. I was in real pain, the muscle pains were indescribable. I spend a weekend on my sofa unable to move without screaming.
That was it, I was disappointed, and upset with myself and I need to do something about it. To cut a long story short, two and half years after that date, I am now 25 kilos less, exercise and eat smarter. It is all about eating and only 10% or 15% about exercise. No matter what you do, if you want to lose weight you need to reduce the intake of energy, which translates to food. It is easy as long as you really want to do it. If you don’t, really don’t bother kidding yourself and others.
So one of my regular exercise evenings, throughout the year, is cycling at Autodrome Dubai. Every Wednesday the truck is open (free or charge) for us to go in and enjoy ourselves. Similarly Yas, Abu Dhabi is opened on Tuesdays.
So who is planning to join next Wednesday? The truck opens at 6pm and we are there before 6:30 pm.
On another note I get motivated, to continue this new way of leaving, by reading success and failure stories. Do you have a success or failure story to share? Did I help you think about a new way or eating? Come on share!!! It is fun!!! We have a lough and Mr. Chief Editor: did I just created a new column ????