I met Vasilis Douros in Tripolis, the capital of Arcadia, situated in the very heart of the Peloponnese. The first impression is that he is a very relaxed, stress - free and sophisticated young man with ambition, dreams and energy.
In 2012, Vasilis left his job in the extreme sports industry and moved from Athens to his father’s hometown, in order to start his own business and make a new turn to his life.
Everything started from a casual chat in a coffee shop regarding his grandmother and the way she used to make handmade soaps for the family. Vasilis was very curious in soap making and started immediately experimenting. Experiments were successful and the first handmade soap by Vasilis was soon born.
The brand’s name was inspired by a bunch of yelling ducks that followed him on his way to his previous job which was soon repeated while he was working to his father’s olive grove: «I have had enough, they are so snobbish that I have to make them famous» Vasilis said. Being a vegetarian, he always admired animals and wanted his ducks to be elegant and posh that’s why he gave them bow ties and since then he has his very own “Snob ducks”.
Soap making for him is a whole philosophy, a life style that follows him in every aspect of his life: “I didn’t want to make another product in a fancy package. Instead I use virgin olive oil from our olive groves, fresh fruit & vegetable juices & purees, Greek herbs and anything else edible and tasty coming from the Greek Land.”
Snob duck soaps are 100% handmade from making to packaging and have earned their place in pharmacies, pop up shops, cosmetic & perfume stores.
Vasilis believes that the key to success is to be open to new challenges and have faith in you.
Snob duck is a one man job and its reputation is taking more ground abroad in countries such as USA, Sweden, Cyprus, Switzerland & Germany.
This is the effort of solemnly one man that made it happen in a quite difficult time for the development of businesses in Greece. The thing that makes his business successful is best described in one of his sentences: “Be original love what I do, put the same effort and attention from the smallest snob duck fan to the biggest trading company.” This says it all.