E - LA - WON


The success story of E-LA-WON Gold

In Greece there is crisis, but modern Greeks keep dreaming, with passion and vision like John Kambouris, who created and successfully distributes the most expensive olive oil with edible gold leaf in the world.

John is olive oil producer but also a scholar, writer, and organizer of business seminars and above all FATHER. He wants to be a symbol for Greek hospitality and diligence. He created something unique and innovative and sent his latest product E-LA-WON LUXURY with flakes of edible gold to billionaires like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Jeff Bezos, Sunny Varkey. His product has been bought by Russian tycoons like Dimitri Ribolovlef and the Princesses Tatiana Blatnik and Catherine of Serbia, as a gift for their valued friends.

The ambition of the producer is to have the palace of every royal family of UAE with a LUXURY E-LA-WON Gold itself. During his visit in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, he offered his product to leaders of Arab Emirates and also to celebrities of the star system, as well as to the most highly renowned persons in the world, athletes Lebroy James , Roger Federer, Cristiano Ronaldo and actor Dwayne Johnson.

But the rest of Extra Virgin olive oil E-LA-WON has gold and silver medals both for its organoleptic characteristics, and for its design. The award, however, which makes proud the company is the one received some time ago at the conference of the International Scientific Society Oleocanthal “The Gold Standard of Excellence for High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil” as olive oil offered cardioprotective properties, due to the high phenolic substances.

The ambition of the producer is to have the palace of every royal family of UAE with a LUXURY
E-LA-WON Gold itself.

The rest of the company’s products include a distinguished variety of honey: Thyme with increased pollen seeds, Chestnut with a bitter aftertaste, but excellent to accompany smoked cheeses, salads and grilled meats, Orange flower with honeycomb aroma and Fir velvety taste .

Producing oil and honey, INNOVATION is the key new project for E-LA-WON: chocolates with honey and virgin oil sprinkled with gold flakes for special occasions.

The desire for growth and ambition created the Gourmet Summer flavors E-LA-WON mousse pate with Greek vegetables and legumes with spicy character and delicious taste.

The activity of this startup has even more dimensions, advocating quality and “well-being”, creating synergies as with Coco Mat with a common purpose the enjoyment of life. Also, the “E-LA-WON Olive Oil & Honey School” develops and conveys to educational communities the usefulness of olive oil and honey in the Greek Mediterranean Diet, following the dictum of Democritus (460 BC - 375 BC) “ Healthy is someone who spreads the inner side with honey and the outer side with olive oil”.

The secret of success lies in producing quality products that are first tasted byOUR CHILDREN. E-LA-WON remains a purely export company, with 80- 90% of its production exported to over 16 countries, ranging from central and northern Europe to the Middle East. Having an extrovert character, the company managed to conquer markets with particularly high requirements and specifications.

John believes there are three pillars for the development of the Greek economy: shipping, tourism and the food sector. He is investing , committed to his vision, which is quality Greek food, because “Winners do not do different things, they do things to be different.“

Summing up, John reveals his desire as a citizen of the world: “If I weren’t European, I would like to be Arab” confirming the magic that exudes the Middle Eastern environment.