Are you planning your forthcoming ski trip? In Greece?? O Yes!!!!

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Go on winter vacations to Arachova, a mountainous village nestled picturesquely on the foot of Mt. Parnassos, the most cosmopolitan winter destination in Greece a great favorite for passionate ski lovers and celebrities, or just first-time visitors who wish to relax in a dreamy mountainous setting with modern tourism facilities. Its modern ski resort, its close proximity to the navel of the world and to the archeological place of Delphi ( just 10 km) , and its breathtaking mountainous landscape are the strongest reason why visitors want to come and enjoy the mountains and lots of activities during the whole year!

In and around Arachova and Livadi area, a mountain paradise is waiting for you to experience it: Lush nature, awe inspiring mountains, beautiful architecture all around the village, fun, adrenaline pumping activities and relaxed, stress-free ones. Whatever your definition of an ideal vacation is, no matter the time of year, here is the place to be all year around. In Arachova and Livadi, the mountain and the sea become one! If there is one mountain in Greece that combines so many things during the summer period, that is Parnassos.

Due to its proximity to Athens (just 168 km northwest ) Arachova and Livadi area, welcomes every year (from early November till late April) more than 150,000 visitors to its snow-covered slopes.

Discover the traditional character of the village by taking leisurely walks through its narrow cobblestone streets. Enjoy hot and sweet, or soft and fruity drinks in the most beautiful cafes in the area, or traditional kafeneia (coffee shops).

The locals also produce their own food products, which you can taste in gourmet shops, or fine restaurants. Share with your loved ones a memorable gourmet experience, and taste local specialties: kontosouvli (big hunks of pork skewered and put on a rotisserie with onions, tomatoes, peppers, and seasoned with salt and pepper, garlic and oregano), kokoretsi (the intestines of the lamb stuffed with organ meat), sarmades (stuffed grape leaves), traditional pies, handmade trahanas (pasta soup, can be sweet or sour), and hilopites (fettuccine-style pasta - egg noodles made in linguine-sized strips, cut into small pieces).



Lathouri is a legume grown in Greece almost 7000 BC, which is also the source known to all of us. There are still some families in Livadi area who cultivate Lathouri without the addition of fertilizers and pesticides, on a plateau over 1,200m, in dry fields that are flooded in the winter.

Continuous seed grading gives a product with a short cooking time of high nutritional value as it does not bark. The latte has a high protein content and edible fiber and also a very low sodium / salt content. You can buy our days Lathouri in some fruit and delicatessen shops in Arachova.

Arachova also produces the famous cheese “formaela”, a sweet smelling hard rind cheese of relatively mild flavor that you should definitely taste! It is impossible for a Parnassοs visitor to not have tasted the Arachova formaela. This traditional cheese with a protected designation of origin is produced by goat or sheep milk or from a mixture of those that comes from animals that graze on Parnassοs. It has a particular cylindrical shape due to the knit molds in which it is placed to age. In every tavern in Arachova and in the wider area, one can taste the delicious formaela grilled, saganaki as well as in other alterations. Another excellent choice of cheese is the world famous feta cheese and here in Mount Parnassos you can find one of the very tasty ones. You can also buy it from stores with traditional products. Formaella and feta cheese is accompanied excellently by red wine and especially with brousko Arachovian wine.


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Have a sip of the divine Parnassos local wine the red “Mavroudi”, the appellation of which was officially designated in 2006. The “black Arachova wine” is a full-bodied and prolific variety that produces wines of a deep red hue with high alcohol content. If you like greek grappa then taste ‘tsipouro vasilia’

Treat your self with local yoghurt and honey from Parnassos with the varieties of fir honey and floral honey at the first place. Honey is collected from beehives located at the slopes of Parnassοs, from fir trees as well as from the rich variety of the mountain plants. Due to its low glucose content fir honey does not crystallize, no matter how many years will pass.I

If you want something sweet then go to one of the three "Papastathi Sweets". Everything you will see at the shops are produced by the family in Arachova most of them with old traditional recipes from the grandmothers only with fresh ingredients! Here you will find a selection of sweets that can only be described as "mouth-watering". Be are sure that you will find something here which will cover your tastebuds tingling.


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If you are a gourmet specialist, or simply a food lover, you will certainly agree with us:

Arachova is a gastronomic treasure-trove!

Before you leave Arachova, pick up some hand-made beautifully colored woven carpets (flocati rugs) and textiles to take with you as a going-away present. One of the most typical traditional products of Arachova is its famous wefts. The weaving art is widespread to the women of Arachova who, from a very young age, learn to create true pieces of art. In every household, there were broadlooms where the women of the house would weave everything each household needed as well as their girls’ dowries. Rugs, flokati, pouches, crewels, blankets and many more. Through the years though, this art started fainting away, until the women from the associations of Arachova undertook the work of continuing the tradition. With a great pleasure they create colorful masterpieces with natural dyes, which stand at a prominent place at the stores that sell products of popular art.

Sport Activities :

• Skiing, snow board, sledging as well as other winter sports at the ski resorts of mountain Parnassos at “Gerontovrachos” (17 km N), "Kelaria" (23 km N) and "Fterolakka" (26 km N).
• Hiking from the archaeological site of Delphi (which is located at the borders of the Prefecture of Fokida) to the cave of Korykeio Andro. There are more then 50 hiking routes available which cover the whole Mount Parnassos
• Mountain tours (jeep, enduro, mountain bike) at the mountain of Parnassos.

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Must visit:

"The clock"

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The Byzantine churches of the village with their well preserved frescos.
The clock, towering on the Tiria rock, it becomes even more impressive at night when it is illuminated.
A walk in Arachova, reveals the charming combining of the old with the new. All of the above, at the holy grounds of the mountain of Apollo.
The most impressive cave of Parnassos unfolds its secrets. Pan’s Cave or Corycian Cave, at an altitude of 1.360 m. at the south west part of Parnassos, within a beautiful forest with firs and a great view, was dedicated to the God Pana and the Corycian Nymphs. It has a global reputation, not only for its natural beauty but also for the magic created by the ancient myth, where according to Aeschylus the cave was a place that was visited by divine spirits.
The Ethnographic Museum is located in the centre of the village and just a few minutes away from the famous Arachova’s Clock and it aims to the preservation, study, enhancement and projecting of the local traditional culture and the historical and cultural heritage of the area.
Lanka Square: The most central part in Arachova and a meeting point for the citizens and visitors is Lakka square. In the heart of Arachova, a square filled with tables for coffee, desserts and drinks, all year long. During the winter months numerous people enjoy their coffee in the sun, whenever the weather allows it next to the lit heaters. And during summer the visitors seek the coolness under the shadow of the trees. At night, the ambiance becomes warm and romantic, by the lights that decorate the tree of the square and they are left there all year long.
Egarsios: The 264 steps in Arachova. This great “staircase” is the way that leads to the Holy Church of Agios Georgios. It consists of 264 steps and it was created in 1927 by the thief Karathanasis. It is considered a must when one visits Arachova, since its ascent rewards you with a panoramic view.
Lake Pnigoura in Livadi (10 km from Arachova) is a majestic image that appears in the winter and in spring and it disappears during summer, and it is formed by the rains and the melting of the snow in Livadi, Arachova. The lake makes the scenery heavenly and it offers to its guests the opportunity of canoeing, hiking, cycling or driving a 4X4, as it is a lake with a small depth which appears only when the weather conditions allow it, meaning when there is heavy rain and snowfall.

Where to eat

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Just 1o km from Arachova in Livadi area where the owner George put a lot in decoration and ambience of the place which offers a superb view to the valley and to the lake Pnigoura during the winter and spring months! For starters try the carrot soup with a homemade sausage and then order a Karaouli with grilled meats and casseroles as also the wild boar stew which is perfect. Huge Parking! Non smoking area available!

Kalivia Livadi, Arachova 320 04,
Tel: +30-2267031001

To Fasouli:

Located just above the village of Arachova , this restaurant features easy parking and an absolutely royal view of the valley. The food in focus is Greek food with extra attention on certain regional dishes. The menu features mostly vegetable and meat dishes. Huge Parking!

Kalanaki Arachova 32004,
Tel: +30 2267 029227


This friendly, atmospheric eatery has tasteful rustic decoration, from where you can enjoy a view of the street below over daily mayirefta (ready-cooked) specials such as ‘lamb in the pan’. Go also for local egg noodles prepared in a clay piece of stoneware which are delicious.

Arachova 320 04,
Tel: +30-22670-31891


The place is behind the main village church St George. Inside you have a small dining room nicely decorated in red table cloth with the requisite fireplace for the winter time. A tricolor salad called ‘melomeni' is a must, Sausages are excellent with proper fries, as also the veggie soup. Finally, try the ‘rooster in wine sauce’.

Arachova 320 04,
Tel: +30-2267 032735

Paramount Cafe

At Paramount in Livadi area just 12 km from Arachova village, with its characteristic fireplace in the center, you will experience cozy and humorous moments. It is open from early and serves a rich, hearty breakfast (with omelets, croissants, homemade cakes, freshly squeezed juices) along with hot coffee, while at lunchtime and in the evening it also serves as a restaurant.

Livadi Area
Arachova 32004,
Tel: +30 2267 032400

Where to stay


Almondhouse Arachova

New dreamy apart suites with fireplace and breathtaking views to Pleistos Valley, Corinthian sea and to Delphi archeological area! By nightfall one can hear the sound of the wind blowing through the surrounding mountains of the village as the thin beams of the moon in the brightness of the stars caress the endless sky.

Gorgeous country-style accommodation at walking distance from Arachova’s centre (just 300 meters) . Fantastic suites offering a tasteful blend of country style design, aesthetics and comfort. It is a small place: a beautiful stone with some suites on it which are set amidst almond trees and greenery. The accommodation is done in a contemporary country style, an inspiring match of tradition and creativity, crispness and cosiness, and aesthetics and functionality. Earthy colours, natural fabrics, charming details, comfy beds, light and space – all with fireplace. Free onsite Parking

For more information visit
Almond House Arachova
Pleistou Potamou, Arachova 32004,
Tel. +30-6932457666, +30-2267031927

Alpen House

Alpen house is a four star hotel built at an altitude of 1060m and just 1km away from the cosmopolitan Arachova. All of our spaces are meticulously decorated and equipped with up-to-date amenities offering a stunning view to the Delphic landscape.

Luxury and style make Alpen House Hotel an unforgettable destination. Just a couple of steps to the interior spaces are enough to excite you. A breakfast buffet is served daily in the breakfast room and there is also 24-hour room service.
Alpen House Hotel & Suites provides stylish accommodation with traditional, wooden ceilings, dark wood furnishings and big windows. Each well-stocked room has satellite TV, bathroom amenities, and hairdryer. Rooms are equipped with iron and ironing board.
Guests at the Alpen are 24 km from the Parnassos Ski Centre, and 10 km from Delphi archaeological site. It is 160 km from the Athens International Airport. Free private parking is possible on site.

For more information visit
Provincial Road Arachova - Eptalophos
Tel. +30-22670 31068 , +30-22670 31970

Arahova Inn

The hotel is located on your right just barely entering the village.The central location helps the hotel guests to enjoy the activities that they are available in the village and the surrounding areas, including the skiing center of Parnassos and Delphi.

It offers free WiFi, a 24-hour front desk, a TV/lounge area and a breakfast room.
The hotel has 42 twin or queen bedded rooms with balconies. Each has a TV and telephone. Rooms are cleaned daily, while breakfast is also included.
A games room is available as well as a conference room.

For more information visit
32004 Arachova
Tel: +302267031497

Boutique Hotel SKAMNOS (in Livadi area )

Situated at the heart of Parnassos, at an altitude of 1200 meters, and 12 km from the picturesque Arachova, this charming 4 star hotel with its 22 rooms, offers excellent leisure facilities combined with outstanding mountain views.

Part ski hotel, part mountain lodge, this cozy retreat offers some of the best views plus such luxurious perks as a heated indoor pool with breathtaking views to Mount Parnassos, outdoor Jacuzzi, and a spa (sauna , steam-bath). The family-run hotel has been around since the mid-1980s, but many of its nooks are renovated and fresh.

The guest rooms feature wood ceilings, darkly hued furniture, and fabrics ranging in tone from peach to rust. Alluring accents include antique mirrors and fireplaces. For breakfast, the owners whip up delicious omelets—and wait until you try the homemade bread! For an extra fee, treat your muscles to a massage at the in-house spa. Alternatively guests can just relax at the bar and take in the wonderful scenery.

Guests enjoy free WiFi and free parking. Parnassos Ski Centre is very close by, while the archaeological site Delphi is 23 km away, and Eptalofos Ski Centre is 10 km away.

For small companies which would like to organize meetings there is also place!

For more information visit

Boutique Hotel SKAMNOS
Skamnos Arachova 32004,
Tel. +30-6932457666, +30-2267031927